Don't let a number define you, define yourself!

Are you a woman between the ages of 45-54 who is wrestling with feeling happy, empowered and healthy as you approach a big birthday?

Are you worried about feeling "irrelevant" as you approach 50?

Do you practically gag when someone mentions the term "middle-aged"?

Do you ever feel so disconnected from your Essential Self that you look in the mirror and wonder who the hell is looking back at you?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then "F*ck 50!" could be your ticket back home to yourself.

Remember being in your 20's and feeling like anything was possible? Like you could reinvent yourself or determine your dreams and make them reality whenever you wanted? That feeling?

You can have that feeling of ultimate possibility back!

I know this because when I was approaching 50 I started having a mini meltdown. I didn't have a clue how it was that I was turning 50. I was pretty sure I'd only just celebrated my 40th birthday about 2 years before. I was panicked and I was making 50 mean all kinds of things -- things like Now I'll be officially old and uncool or I'll be too old to really do anything fun anymore and one of my favorites, It's going to be so hard to lose weight now! I will end up looking like my grandmother - I'm sure of it.  I felt like I could see 50 waiting for me in the distance, looking kind of smug, with a little "I've been waiting for you" grin. I was quietly freaking out. And then I followed a small but persistent voice inside me that was whispering about training to be a Life Coach. That training both kicked my ass and saved my ass. I more than got a clue. I got freedom, peace of mind and a whole new perspective. Now I have a passion to share the tools that got me to this place of empowerment because it turns out that becoming 50 was the best thing that happened to me in years!

Turning 50 (and beyond!) can be a catalyst towards greater health, happiness and the life you want.

This program is not about telling 50 to fuck off - it is about flipping the bird to what we've made 50 mean.

Your age does NOT define you - YOU get to define you.

We all tell ourselves stories about what it means to hit big age milestones and often those stories are less than ideal. Between our culture, the media and even our families, there is this myth that it's all "downhill" after we hit the big 5-0.

But that is indeed a myth. It's just another story, and one that we can learn to stop believing (and if we are going to get technical, isn't the downhill part often easier and more fun? Just sayin'…).

This is the 21st century. So much is possible. This is definitely not your grandmother's 50 or even your mother's 50.

This is your 50 and you can make it be whatever you want.

As a Certified Life & Health Coach I will give you tools to deal with the mental and emotional issues that pop up around turning 50 as well as tools to navigate the terrain of physical changes that can start happening. I've got tools for everything from simple tweaks for shifting your thinking to frameworks for creating new and healthy habits in the way you eat, sleep, move and ultimately the way you feel.

There is a TON of wellness information out there and it can be overwhelming sometimes. Lucky for you, I love, love, love learning about all things wellness related and I have whittled down the information overload to a program that is downright life-changing.

F*ck 50! will include 6 sixty-minute calls or webinars that will include 3 weeks of Life Coach focused work and 3 weeks of Health Coach focused work. There will be time to learn and time to share, recipes, hand-outs, homework challenges and group support, as well as community, accountability and definitely some laughter. Shared experience can be kind of hilarious and ultimately less scary.

Let's kick those shitty "50 means…" stories to the curb while we create some new ones!

This is an opportunity for reinvention and a treasure hunt to reconnect with your greatest treasure - yourself.