Audacious looks different on everyone


audacious | ôˈdāSHəs |

showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.

plucky, brave, daring, ballsy, courageous, sassy, intrepid, bold, gutsy, cheeky




I'm Lisa Levine, Healthy Living Coach (Health Coach + Life Coach), and I help women eat better, think better and feel better so they can live their absolute best lives. I've been passionate about healthy living for decades now and the older I get the more excited I am about all the possibilities out there!  It's never too late to change your story, so don't waste one more minute of your precious life saying "someday." 

To me, being audacious starts with being open to change and stepping out of your comfort zone to get there. It can feel audacious to try new ways of thinking, new ways of nourishing your body and new ways of showing up for yourself - but it is 100% worth the effort. I am here as your guide to better health and wellness as you decide what it means to you to live audaciously!


Lisa is fuel for your mind, body, and soul. Her energy inspires me and her knowledge in food, health, and well-being blows me away. If you’re ready to be inspired and excited, Lisa’s your go-to-girl.
— Jen Trulson |

It's time to get your audacious on!


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