Louise Rose ND

After working regularly with Lisa this past year, I have a clear vision of my own superpowers, I am equipped with a bunch of tools, and I am buoyed with enthusiasm. In a challenging and FUN journey, I have surprised myself as I take little steps leading to bigger steps toward big  goals for my business and for my personal life. I feel a concrete sense of accomplishment. I have done the work, but she has been a fantastic midwife and guide. She is authentic, irreverent, and audacious enough to ask you the RIGHT questions. Thank you Lisa!

Louise Rose ND, Rose Cabinet Medicine

Paola Thomas

Coaching with Lisa is like having a badass NFL coach, a bevy of expert nutritionists and a whole squad of cheerleaders in your corner and cheering you on. Her wise and caring advice - seasoned with flashes of profound insight, garnished with sassy good humour and served with an enormous helping of eminently practical knowledge - was perfectly tailored to my needs and I so looked forward to the clarity, resolve and inspiration that I got from our meetings, the thorough and thoughtful game plan she would email the next day and the huge laughs we would have along the way. The subtle shifts in perspective she helped me achieve, the dozens of tiny a-ha moments, and her many expert suggestions have all added up to some pretty profound life changes, both physically and mentally, and I will never regret the day that I decided to hire Lisa for my team. I’m a huge, huge fan. 

- Paola Thomas

Theresa T

Lisa helped me get clear on what was troubling me, saved my life when other issues came up during our time together, gave me so much peace and reassured me that I really was capable of figuring all this out. I needed someone to ask the right questions, at which she is a master. We spent a year working together and it was the best time and money I have ever spent.  My business has increased, my income has increased, I sleep better, and I am way clearer now on what it is I want and how to go and get it!

- Theresa T.

Martha W.

I immediately felt comfortable with Lisa. She asked questions that challenged me to dig deep. She was very patient and never pressured me into coming up with answers or solutions quicker than they would have naturally occurred. She embraced who I was - she got me.  Lisa inspired me to self acceptance, and cleared a path for me to take a journey of self-discovery at the ripe age of 56 years old!

- Martha W.

Jennifer Komisarek

Jennifer Komisarek

The thing about Lisa is her enthusiasm for life is infectious.  She shines her crazy-wise BF energy on you and doesn't let you stay stuck hiding behind the "I-just-can't" stories you didn't know even you were telling yourself. Lisa is on to you in the most loving way possible. She will help you change the script for your life + position yourself as the hero of your story again. I love her fiercely and you will too.

-Jennifer Komisarek

Leslie Plesac

Leslie Plesac

"Lisa has a beautiful way of combining accountability and education with incredible inspiration that moves me toward my very best self. She has taught me practical skills on how to eat better and make food and supplement choices that have helped me feel more energetic and alive. More importantly, Lisa has inspired me to become my own health advocate and to consider the choices in my life that feel “the most like love.”  I look forward to our conversations and I always feel motivated after our calls. “ - Leslie Plesac http://www.leslieplesac.com