Louise Rose ND

Don’t you LOVE to be around someone who has a really positive attitude, but not in a fake or polly-anna way? Someone who is real, authentic, irreverent, and audacious enough to ask you the RIGHT questions?  You feel supported AND simultaneously pushed a little into new territories of your own life map. After spending time with them you feel fired up. You become a more you-er you. You have the courage to really reach for what you want. Lisa is one of those people. After working with Lisa regularly this past year I have a clear vision of my own superpowers, I am equipped with a bunch of tools, and I am buoyed with enthusiasm. In a challenging and FUN journey, I have surprised myself as I take little steps leading to bigger steps toward my big goals for my business and for my personal life. Looking back over the last 12 months of working closely with Lisa, I feel a concrete sense of accomplishment. I have done the work, but she has been a fantastic midwife and guide. Thank you Lisa!

Louise Rose ND, Rose Cabinet Medicine

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