Molly H.

Prior to working with Lisa, I had tried every diet program under the sun, every single one.  And I felt lousy.   Working with Lisa was a real shift for me and our family.   I now don’t look at in the mirror and say mean things to myself.  I don’t worry about what the scale reads.   My family now eats healthier and enjoys veggies.  Instead of thinking about my weight, I think about how I feel.

Working with Lisa was a process of learning.   I’ve learned what impacts my sleep.   I’ve learned what causes my acne.  I’ve learned about the havoc sugar can cause your body.   I’ve learned how to enjoy vegetables at dinner.   I’ve learned how to read labels and what to look out for at the grocery store.   I’ve learned how to be mindful and self-compassionate.   

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone interested in permanently shifting their mindset about health.   Plus, Lisa was super accommodating of my schedule and FUN!  Do it, you will feel so much better.