Paola Thomas

Coaching with Lisa is like having a badass NFL coach, a bevy of expert nutritionists and a whole squad of cheerleaders in your corner and cheering you on. Her wise and caring advice - seasoned with flashes of profound insight, garnished with sassy good humour and served with an enormous helping of eminently practical knowledge - was perfectly tailored to my needs and I so looked forward to the clarity, resolve and inspiration that I got from our meetings, the thorough and thoughtful game plan she would email the next day and the huge laughs we would have along the way. The subtle shifts in perspective she helped me achieve, the dozens of tiny a-ha moments, and her many expert suggestions have all added up to some pretty profound life changes, both physically and mentally, and I will never regret the day that I decided to hire Lisa for my team. I’m a huge, huge fan. 

- Paola Thomas


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