This Year Today

One of my favorite things to do on December 31 is to go on Facebook and Instagram and read everyone's goals and resolutions. It's the one time of year where people's enthusiasm and general positivity practically vibrate off the screen. There's talk of everything from finding adventure and reclaiming good health to learning to knit and getting a dog.

I have many resolutions and goals of my own this year. In 2015 I am finally going to create "F*ck 50!" ™, a program designed to inspire in women a renewed sense of possibility and confidence as they enter their Fifties and beyond. I am going to move past the fear that has been masquerading as procrastination and excuses and too many trips to the kitchen cabinet. I am going to change my fitness routine and I'm going to journal every goddamn day. I will continue to remember and record the abundant gratitude I have for my life and the people I share it with. And it might be me who is getting a dog.

I even got a fantastic new day planner that I'm madly in love with. Starting tomorrow I will be keeping track of my top 3 goals of the day, what worked and what didn't work and even what I had for dinner.

But here's the main one:  I am going to pay attention to how all this resolving feels. This feeling that I can achieve anything simply by identifying what it is that I want to do and then actually doing it. I plan on using this feeling quite a lot this year and forever.

It doesn't have to be January 1 to make change happen.

You can wake up on Tuesday, March 10 and decide that you will quit sugar, start exercising, increase your meditation, grow your business or join an online dating service and meet the love of your life. Every single day brings opportunities for rejuvenation, growth, fun and adventure. Remember this feeling so that you can conjure it up whenever you wish. 

Every day can be like New Year's Day.

So, Happy New Year to you!

May you all enjoy the delicious feeling that renewal can bring.

Now go forth and be awesome.