All In


I am in the midst of a raging sore throat as I write this so my normal positivity is wrestling with a big dose of "fuck it," but I want to post one more time before this year rolls to a close. 2016 was difficult in so many ways. For me it started with the death of David Bowie and went downhill from there. My husband was unemployed for 6 months, I gained close to 15 lbs (hello menopause), I have teenagers (enough said), the election preamble wrung me out, and then, like many of you, things came to an unimaginable, screeching smackdown in early November. It felt like the hits kept coming all year long.

But despite these indisputable challenges, the year has also been full of wins. 

There have been goals met and shout-outs from the Universe that have been wonderful and deserve acknowledgement. This year I led my first Wellness Retreat on the Oregon Coast and it was great. With my friend and co-facilitator Louise Rose and some fabulous retreaters I was reminded how much I love sharing all the stuff I know about how to get well and stay well - especially as we age. I led 2 Vision Board workshops for the women of Running Evolution, helped lead a Sacred Supper Club, birthed a brand new website, finished my e-book, posted on my blog almost every 2 weeks (last year's goal!), preached some Wellness talk on the radio (thanks Sunny in Seattle!) and worked with some incredible clients. It was all audaciously fun.

I walked around Green Lake at least 250 times, discovered Dance Church, entertained in my new backyard, cooked endless things with stuff from my little garden, and fell in love with Trader Joe's cauliflower rice, tarot cards and my Instant Pot.

I got to see some inspiring people do their thing, like Patti Smith, Byron Katie, Dr. Mario Martinez, Paul McCartney, Sufian Stevens, Temple of the Dog and Hamilton (!!).

I saw some incredible movies and art and I read some great books with the Best Book Club Ever. My son got into the college of his choice (WWU! Go Vikings!). I hung out with old friends and made some new ones. My sisters both came to visit. I went to Austin for a "just us girls" trip with my mom, sister, aunt and cousin. And in a view from the future I got to spend a full month this summer alone with my husband and it was really fun.

Bottom line: life does not suck. As hard as this year was, it was also bright and beautiful and I am full of gratitude for that beauty. I am choosing to focus on the positive as 2016 comes to an end. I have no idea what challenges the New Year will bring but whatever they are I will rise to meet them and continue to show up and do my best in the world. I am grateful for you all. Thanks for being in my world. We are stronger together.

Happy New Year!