Gingery Butternut Squash Soup

butternut squash soup

I just returned home from leading my first Wellness retreat out on the Oregon coast and it was so much fun! Together with my friend and co-facilitator, Dr. Louise Rose, we taught our retreaters all kinds of cool stuff from TRE™ and reflexology with essential oils to how to reduce chronic inflammation in your body and in your mind (aka "stinkin' thinkin"). There were foot baths and sauna time and journaling exercises and lots more, and it was all pretty wonderful but one of the things we loved the most was feeding everyone. Louse and I have a long history of geeking out over preparing delicious food with healthy ingredients and sharing inspirations and recipes so cooking for our retreat was a no-brainer. This is a butternut squash soup that Louise threw together from things she had in her kitchen pantry and I made her dictate it to me on the car ride back to Portland. I just finished making it for my family in Seattle and it was a big hit here as well. With all the turmeric and fresh ginger it's anti-inflammatory, plus it's a snap to make and the color is divine - perfect for autumn. 

Gingery Butternut Squash Soup 

Prep time: 15-20 minutes                         Cook time: 30 minutes


·      1 onion, diced

·      2 teaspoons coconut oil or avocado oil

·      1 medium butternut squash, peeled and diced into 1" cubes

·      3 large-ish carrots, cleaned and cut into 1-2" chunks

·      3 tablespoons of fresh chopped ginger

·      4 cups of broth (chicken or veggie is fine)

·      2 tablespoons turmeric

·      1 pear, cored and cut into 1" chunks (unpeeled is fine)

·      1 can of full-fat coconut milk

·      1 teaspoon curry powder

·      Salt & pepper to taste

·      Optional: microgreens or chopped cilantro to garnish


In a large pot with a lid, melt the coconut oil and sauté the onion for about 5 minutes or until translucent. Add butternut squash and carrots, cover pot with the lid and turn the heat to medium low for about 5 minutes to sweat/steam. Stir and then cover pot for another 5 minutes. Add ginger, broth, turmeric and pear and bring to a low boil. Lower heat and simmer for about 10 more minutes. Remove from heat and add coconut milk and curry powder and stir to combine well. Then puree with an immersion blender or in batches in a regular blender (when cool). Add salt and pepper to taste and for extra nutritional value, garnish with microgreens or chopped cilantro.