Roasted Veggies Part 2 (Summer!)

I didn't start my love affair with vegetables until I was nearly 30 years old but I have definitely made up for lost time. Since then I have not met a vegetable I didn't like (with the exception of raw onions and the occasional green pepper). One of my favorite ways to eat veggies is to clean and trim them, cut them up, toss them in olive oil, coconut oil or ghee, put them on a parchment-lined baking sheet in a 400 degree oven for around 30 minutes or longer. I like to choose vegetables that are in season, so these days I'm using summer squash, cherry tomatoes, walla walla sweets, purple carrots  and yellow peppers. As far as my family is concerned, the crispier and more caramelized the better, so I tend to roast them on the longer side, but you could start with 30 minutes and go from there. Just toss midway through cooking and you are halfway to home.

Happy Summer!