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How to make a smoothie bowl + my favorite recipe

I love smoothies but I’ve found that when I drink them the whole experience is over way more quickly than I’d like it to be. Things go down fast with a straw! Plus I‘ve been trying to eat more mindfully, i.e. sit at an actual table, focus on my food and eat with no distractions, and smoothie bowls are great for this. They are cold, creamy and the toppings add all kinds of good crunch and flavor.

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Summer Cherry Crumble (with adaptogens and superfoods)

I was first introduced to pie cherries by my friend Robyn who used to have a cherry tree in her backyard. She made me some cherry pie and it was better than anything I had ever tasted. I was hooked. Plus she picked the cherries herself. From a tree. In her yard. I remember her saying that she had to pick them as soon as they were ready or else the birds would feast on them. For a girl who grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and then lived in cities like NY and LA this was all revelatory and very "little house on the prairie-ish" - in a good way.

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Adaptogenic Bliss Balls

Have you heard of adaptogens yet? The Wellness community has been buzzing about them for a few years now but like many things that seem "new" in health and wellness, adaptogens have been used for thousands of years by ancient healing practices like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

I'm a little bit obsessed after using them for the last year and really noticing a difference in my energy levels (up) and my stress levels (down). I started by adding them to my morning matcha and now find ways to incorporate them into my day in other ways as well. Even my husband is smitten and insists that he is more productive when he adds adaptogens to his bulletproof coffee. Our favorites are ashwaganda (for anxiety and insomnia), a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms and he shou wu (also known as Fo-Ti and translated as "Mr. He's black hair", it is  anti-aging and a blood tonifier).

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