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Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala

If you are a reader of my blog then you already know how smitten I am with my Instant Pot. It’s been a real game changer, not only with saving time but also with meal prep. It’s absolutely perfect for making things like soups, stews, bone broth and more for make-ahead meals that will feed your family.  This past weekend I taught an Instant Pot 101 workshop that was sponsored by Wild Harvest®, a brand I’ve been working with for the past couple of months. Wild Harvest® has hundreds of items across the grocery store that are great to have on hand in your pantry, and they don’t make you choose between your health and your wallet. Organic and better for you foods can sometimes be a bit pricey, but Wild Harvest is dedicated to making better for you choices that are reasonably priced. Plus, their products are free from over 140 undesirable ingredients that are commonly found in many other brands, and nearly 70% of what they make is certified organic. Better for you + affordable = a winning combination!

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How to make the perfect salad

The main thing to keep in mind when you’re making a salad is that anything goes. There really isn’t a ‘wrong’ way to do it and salads can differ according to taste. I, for one, can’t stand raw onion or garlic in my salad and raw shallots are only barely acceptable. But if you like them then by all means use them! I add crunch in the form of toasted nuts and seeds instead of croutons but if you're a crouton fiend then have at it.  I typically opt for lots of avocado instead of cheese but if you can’t imagine a salad without some feta or parmesan then don’t let me stop you. Here are some of my favorite salad guidelines and suggestions, but the most important one is to have fun and feel confident that you are doing something wonderful for yourself in the name of good health!

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Creamy Asparagus Soup

Nothing says "Spring is here" like seeing an abundance of asparagus in the grocery store starting around the end of March. Because I try to be a mostly seasonal eater, I go a little crazy on asparagus from March through June and then say farewell as I move on to summer produce. But when it hits the aisles in all of it's green glory, I start daydreaming about all the things I want to cook. Typically I roast it or do a quick sauté but I also love asparagus soup. This recipe is something I cooked up for my Yes, THIS! Spring Wellness Workshop. It's a breeze to make in the Instant Pot but it's also easy and doable on the stovetop. For my retreaters I sautéed some andouille sausage and shiitake mushrooms and put some at the bottom of each bowl before I ladled in the soup which added some protein and even more flavor, but it's fine without that as well.

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