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Yoga and me: a love story (part 2)

You may have heard me waxing poetic about yoga lately. That’s because me and yoga got it going on right now. After years of having a very sporadic relationship with yoga  (See “Yoga and Me: a love story (part 1) I decided to give it another concerted effort in the form of a 30-day self challenge this past January and I gotta say, me and yoga are digging each other.

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Cool it!

It's been my experience that sometimes when we set goals to lose weight or improve our health, life tends gets in the way. We have a stressful day (or three), a few nights of insomnia (*raising my hand), or some other diversion, we get derailed and then it feels impossible to get back on track. Typically what motivates us is in the first place is wanting to go down a few pants sizes or lose those jiggly arms, but I've come to believe that the clearer we are on what motivates us, the better the odds are of turning our goals into lifestyle changes.

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Cheap Trick

I finally lost the extra "baby weight" that I couldn't seem to shake for years. That old adage "it will just fall off when you are nursing" thing didn’t work for me. A few years ago I hit a wall. My babies were nearly teenagers. I was not getting any younger. And to be honest, I was sick of feeling like crap about myself.

I knew that if I really wanted things to change then I was going to have to do something different.

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