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How to make a smoothie bowl + my favorite recipe

I love smoothies but I’ve found that when I drink them the whole experience is over way more quickly than I’d like it to be. Things go down fast with a straw! Plus I‘ve been trying to eat more mindfully, i.e. sit at an actual table, focus on my food and eat with no distractions, and smoothie bowls are great for this. They are cold, creamy and the toppings add all kinds of good crunch and flavor.

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Super Crunchy

For years after I moved to the west coast and began to adapt a more healthy lifestyle, I have been accused by my east coast family and friends as becoming a "crunchy granola" type. So, in the spirit of all things crunchy I give you the best recipe I have found for real-life, delicious, crunchy granola.

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