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The 5 Paths to Essential Self-Care

As a coach I am always looking for good metaphors to help make sense of things we humans keep tripping over or bumping into. One of my favorites comes courtesy of the airline industry. We all know that in case of an emergency, we need to secure our own oxygen masks before we try and help others. If we can't breathe then we are useless to everyone - including ourselves. This is a great metaphor for real life! Daily living in the 21st century can feel relentless and stressful and often keeps our adrenals running as if we are in a constant state of emergency.

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Yoga and Me…

Yoga and Me (a love story)

I am trying to get more into yoga. I mean, I live in Seattle where it’s practically in the by-laws that every able-bodied woman do yoga have a yoga practice.

People who do practice yoga seem so together. There’s almost a smugness in their faces when I see them walking to class with their rolled up mats tucked under their well-toned arms. Like they are in on some giant secret. Yoga taunts me. One of the best yoga studios in Seattle is 2 blocks away from my house.  Plus some of my very best friends swear by yoga.

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Deciding to Pay Attention

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I often had teachers and other grown-ups tell me to stop whatever it was that I was doing in order to “pay attention."

It’s always been a challenge. But these days I am finding that it was good advice – although maybe not in the exact way they meant it at the time. Paying Attention (aka Noticing or Being Mindful) has changed my life. Paying Attentionseems so easy. Paying Attention is taught in Kindergarten. And Paying Attention is actually free. But “easy” is a subjective word. A cook might think that it's “easy” to whip up a pot of vegetable soup from memory but until you start doing it and then doing it some more it might not be so “easy.”

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