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30+ Ways to Nourish Yourself (that have nothing to do with food)

I’ve developed a real crush on the word “nourish” over the years. Could be that whole “Jewish mother” thing but it feels deeper than that. Yes, there is something about cooking and feeding people that fills me with joy. It's become a part of my inner and outer identity that I cherish. I use the healthiest ingredients and the food I cook is nutritious, delicious and full of love. But nourishment can be about more than just the food we eat. Living a healthy lifestyle involves nourishing all your parts: body, mind and spirit.

I believe it’s important to find things that feel nourishing even if they have little or nothing at all to do with food. The more nourished we feel, the less likely it is that we’ll wander off in search of a quick distraction in the form of food that we’re often not even hungry for in the first place.

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Goal Digger

It's almost July 1 - which means that 2016 is halfway to done. Crazy, right?!  I am regularly amazed at how fast time seems to roll by these days vs. when I was younger. It probably has something to do with the fact that when we're young we are way more present than we are as adults… but I digress.

What I really want to talk about is goals.

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This Year Today

One of my favorite things to do on December 31 is to go on Facebook and Instagram and read everyone's goals and resolutions. It's the one time of year where people's enthusiasm and general positivity practically vibrate off the screen. There's talk of everything from finding adventure and reclaiming good health to learning to knit and getting a dog.

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