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How to spice things up (for audacious aging and overall wellness)

Typically we think of herbs and spices merely as things to make our food taste better but the truth is that they are so much more than that! In addition to being bright and flavorful, they contain vitamins, antioxidants and all kinds of other health boosting benefits, making them an essential component of living and aging audaciously. Bonus: because spices can be thermogenic, they may also naturally (and slightly) increase your metabolism and even increase feelings of satiety. Here’s a short list of some of my favorite herbs and spices and how to use them…

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Super Simple Homemade Vanilla Almond Milk

There was a time in my life when the idea of making my own almond milk would have been unimaginable to me. In fact the idea of almond milk in general would have made me laugh and possibly even roll my eyes. But those times are long past and now I love and appreciate almond milk and all it's "sister milk" alternatives like hemp, cashew and especially macadamia nut milk (or "mylk" for all the dairy purists out there). 

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Quinoa Salad with Veggies and Feta cheese

My friend Lisa C. turned me on to this delicious quinoa salad that is fast becoming a staple at my house. She makes it a little differently each time depending on what's in her garden and in her fridge. Her rule of thumb is to use a mix of colors and textures with "a punch of sweet and a little bit of crunch." After cooking the quinoa in veggie or chicken broth she'll add things like small cubed/steamed beets, slivers of kale, diced cucumber and bell pepper along with currants or golden raisins and then pistachios, almond slices or toasted pine nuts. You can also add feta or goat cheese or some grilled chicken to make it even heartier. The final ingredient is a whole mess of finely chopped herbs like flat leaf parsley or mint or dill.  Don't be afraid to experiment using whatever is available to you. This salad is really versatile!

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Ready When You Are (Part 1)!


As some of you may already know, I lost about 50 lbs a few years ago.

One of the (many) reasons my weight got out of hand in the first place is that often I would be scrambling at the last minute to figure out meals for my family and me, so much of the time I would end up eating from the hot bar at Whole Foods, snacking on goldfish crackers, ordering pizza or finishing my kid's fish sticks because I was exhausted and couldn't deal.

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