Wellness is as wellness does

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I was recently talking with a group of people about Wellness and it was revealed that several of them did not have a clear understanding of what Wellness was "supposed" to mean. They had many varying opinions. Some seemed to think that Wellness was a vague and over-generalized concept, some felt it was strictly about being in good health and others felt that it referred to how healthy they were or if they exercised and ate a "healthy" diet.

I choose to go with The National Wellness Institute's definition of Wellness as "a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential."

My favorite part of that sentence is the "conscious" part. Paying Attention to the choices that we make (or don't make) and how they make us feel is literally half of the Wellness equation in my opinion.  When we pause and notice how what we do (or don't do) can energize us or deplete us we suddenly have a compass to help us move forward the best way possible.

The part about Wellness being "self-directed" means that it's totally up to the individual to decide what they want and need on their journey to "achieving full potential." There are no "shoulds" here. We are bio-individuals who move at our own paces. The idea is that we keep growing and moving forward instead of feeling like we are running in place and never getting anywhere.

The word "evolving" means that our needs are dynamic. They are constantly changing. What worked for us in our twenties might not work for us in our forties. And that's neither bad nor good - it's just an adjustment. Wellness is an ongoing pursuit and one that does not end until we do.

"Full potential" means that we are continually aiming for a place of clear focus, good energy, genuine presence and a feeling of optimal possibility. In other words, you are aiming to live the life you want- body, mind & spirit. That's the ultimate goal.

I would also add this: Wellness is about well-being. Everything we eat, think, feel and do ultimately has impact on our well-being. Wellness is rooted in every form of self-care.

In other words, wellness is about our lifestyle choices.

 I am wildly passionate about empowering people on their Wellness paths. I could (and often do!) talk about this stuff all the livelong day. As a result I got together with my friend and colleague Dr. Louise Rose and created a class called Yes, THIS!: 4 Weeks to Ultimate Wellness. It's all about how to help you stay conscious, self-directed and empowered on YOUR evolving Wellness journey.

This 4 week class will help you get clear on exactly what you need to do to get out of stuck-ness and procrastination and back on the path to feeling nourished, energized and satisfied and will show you how to listen to the voice that matters most: yours.

You will feel more comfortable, confident, clear and motivated about things like:

  •  How to Pay Attention to what you are really hungry for and the way to get more of it (hint: it's usually not food). 
  • Knowing exactly what you want and why you want it.
  • How adding "super-foods" into your life can amp up energy, immunity and overall good health. 
  • How to make healthy cooking (and eating out) simple, fun, delicious and sustainable. Really!
  • What to do (and what not to do) to help you fit into your favorite jeans - and it doesn't have to include squats & lunges.

The class will meet virtually via Zoom so participants can join by computer or phone. If you can't attend live, the calls will be recorded and you can watch them whenever it is convenient. You'll also get access to a private Facebook community where you will find support, discussion and accountability plus tons of other resources that will simplify your life in so many ways.

Details can be found right here - so check it out. We'd love to support you in your Wellness!