it's time for a kitchen reboot


If you are like me then you have spent HOURS of your life in the aisles of grocery stores or staring into your kitchen cabinets feeling overwhelmed by what to make or buy that feels new, interesting, healthy and fun.

I'm talking about Hours of your life that you will never get back.

Does the produce that you have brought home with the best of intentions end up going limp in your refrigerator? Do your spices have expiration dates from the 20th century? Do you start looking at recipes at 5:00 PM only to end up ordering Thai food because you think you don't have what you need to make a delicious meal? Are you tired of wasting money on food you don't even use??

I am here to help you STOP that madness!

Together we will go into your kitchen to clean out and reorganize your pantry and fridge, head to your favorite grocery store to re-energize and restock what you need, and then figure out some great ideas and options so that you feel inspired, excited and ready to kick some booty!

It's time to give your food attitude a healthy infusion with any or all of these opportunities to boost your enthusiasm and efficiency around feeding yourself and your family.

I guarantee you will walk away feeling inspired and ready to have fun in your kitchen!


Grocery Store Guidance

Do you get in a rut every time you go to the store, always buying the same old things or getting stuff that you *think* is healthy but you're not absolutely certain about? I will teach you how to look (really look) at labels and ask questions so that you are buying the healthiest and tastiest products available and show you specific items that are good for however you like to eat. I can walk you (literally or virtually) through Safeway, Whole Foods, Trader Joes or wherever you shop and make it easier and faster to get exactly what you need.

$75 for 60 minutes

Kitchen clean out 

Do you have herbs and spices in your cabinets from before the Facebook era? Are there things in your freezer that are no longer identifiable and yet you can't bear to "waste" them by tossing them in the trash? We will go through your fridge, freezer and pantry and look at everything you have in there. Some of the things you thought were healthy might have been fooling you! It's also a great time to look at all the bottles, jars, bags and other containers hanging around that are way past their prime or have confounded you about how to best use them.
$75 for 60 minutes (can be done via Skype or FaceTime)

Hands-on Prep

Do you go to the store with the best of intentions and then end up with vegetables sitting in your fridge because you are unsure exactly how to deal with them when dinnertime rolls around? After we get back from the farmer's market or grocery store we will spend up to 60 minutes prepping and storing your produce for the week to come, and discussing strategies for using it up while it’s still in it's prime. Includes peeling, slicing, dicing, etc…

$75 for 60 minutes (Seattle only)




Farmer's Market tour

As Seattleites, we have all been to Pike Place Market, but have you ever been to one of Seattle's local farmer's markets? This is a way to literally put your money where your mouth is when it comes to supporting local business and being involved in the community. The farmer's markets in Seattle are among the best in the country and they happen every weekend throughout the year. We will go to the University Farmer's Market on a Saturday or the Ballard Farmer's Market on a Sunday where I will teach you how to look for the fruits and vegetables that are freshest and in season. We will talk about local vs. organic, CSA subscriptions and get familiar with some of the vendors.

$75 for 60 minutes (Seattle only)


Recipe and Time Management Overwhelm

It's really easy to slip down the Pinterest rabbit hole, pinning loads of recipes that look tasty, easy and healthy - and then feeling completely overwhelmed about what to actually cook. And then there are the multiple trips to the store - sometimes in the same day!  I can help you with this. We will look at the recipes you have accumulated and organize and edit them, choosing a few to try out. Why did they appeal to you? You will learn to use Pinterest and other online recipe resources more efficiently, and do more planning ahead before you hit the store.

$75 for 60 minutes (Can be done via phone, Skype or FaceTime) 

Buy the parts that you need most or get the whole package for $350 (a $25 savings!)