I'm Lisa

I'm originally from the east coast but I have lived in the west since my early twenties. After studying film at NYU I got my dream job working in the Music Video department at a major record label (back in the days when record companies actually had music video departments!). This led me to running the video division of an LA production company and eventually to owning a business here in Seattle where I was an agent for directors and their companies.

The story of how I got to Seattle is a good one. It involves love at first sight, rock & roll, and a leap of faith. Maybe I will tell it to you one day…

I got married (it’s been 25 years and counting), I hit the pause button to stay at home with our 2 kids (they are in college now), and eventually I went back into the wider world and started my business again.

But here’s the thing: I always had a sneaking suspicion that something else was calling my name. I flirted with the idea of becoming a coach for years until flirting wasn’t cutting it any longer and I made the first move. Turns out that coaching is something I have been doing in one form or another for years but I just never knew I was doing it.


My love for health and nutrition started when I moved to California. Like most Americans in the 70's I was raised on Fruit Loops, SpaghettiOs, white bread and bologna. The only fresh vegetables I ate were carrot and celery sticks, and anything else that was green got carefully picked out and put to the side. In NYC I started getting more adventurous - which for me was eating thing like asparagus tips from a can, black beans, and Indian food, but it was the move to the West Coast that sealed the deal. There was a diagnosis of Graves Disease (a thyroid autoimmune condition), infertility (Thanks IVF!), and a daughter with Hashimoto's Disease that sparked a passion for using food for healing. Over the years I have taught myself to enjoy, prepare and even grow foods like broccoli, arugula, zucchini, chard, beets and so many more. This was Audacious for me because it required stepping out of my comfort zone.. Now I audaciously try stuff like spirulina in my green smoothies, bulletproof coffee, fruits and vegetables with strange names (ugli fruit anyone?), exercising every damn day and lots of other things that I could never have imagined doing before. I have become intrepid in my quest for health and wellness.


Life Coaching + Health Coaching = Wellness Coaching

I studied Life Coaching at the Martha Beck Institute where I learned tools to help people understand and move beyond their fears, shift their perspectives and, first and foremost, how to truly Pay Attention to what they are thinking, feeling and doing so that they can get un-stuck and move towards the lives they truly want to be living. (I know, right?!).

I decided to add my passion for all things health related by getting certified as a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In addition to studying over 100 different dietary theories, I learned numerous strategies for helping clients create new habits and lifestyle changes. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming and I love helping people figure out what works best for them so that they get healthy, energized and back on track. I am an intuitive interpreter with an innate ability to help you read between the lines.  

I connect with people in a way that is a combo-plate of straightforward, empathetic and smart-ass.  I use (and will teach you) tools that can help you to recognize and question your limiting beliefs, trust your “gut” instincts and simply remind you to get out of your own way and be present in your life.  

As we age we often find that some of the things that have worked well for us our whole lives start to change, but we keep doing them, thinking things will "go back to normal". Except sometimes they don't. And then there is a 'new normal'.


If what you are doing is no longer working then it's time to do something different.

And that's where I can help!

Together we will make a plan that will help guide you home to yourself and the life you want.

What are you waiting for? 

11 Random Things About Me 

  1. I believe in the following (in no particular order): myself, my kids, good food, great tequila, the power of community, singing loudly in the car, an unapologetic overuse of hyphens, punctuation marks and parenthesis, the benefits of regular exercise and remembering to be grateful on a daily basis.

  2. I used to be 50 pounds heavier than I am now. Feeling lighter is rad.

  3. I never even tasted broccoli or asparagus or kale or most vegetables until I was in my twenties. Now I love them and I eat vegetables at almost every meal.

  4. I truly have faith that we are all inextricably connected to the universe and everything in it. This gives me a lot of peace when I start to slip down the proverbial rabbit hole.

  5. I grew up in suburban Philadelphia and I am pretty sure that I could not have even pointed to Seattle on a map, let alone imagine that I would live here one day. My husband and I moved here over 20 years ago. Now we can’t imagine ever leaving.

  6. I can usually name that tune in six notes or less. And I have a weird knack for remembering arbitrary pop culture facts.

  7. I had lots of crazy adventures when I lived in NYC and Hollywood but I don’t kiss and tell…

  8. My favorite places include farmers' markets, dive bars and consignment stores. And beaches. I love beaches.

  9. I am kind of preoccupied with food as nutrition, not just as fuel. I could spend all day reading recipes and talking about what's delicious, local and in season and the alchemy of turning it into healthy fare. You will always find at least 2 different cookbooks beside my bed at all times.

  10. I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock & roll (but way more rock & roll really).

  11. My lucky number is 11.

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